A true Anaheim Psychic helping since 1985 in the same location!

Psychic Reading

We are all connected, they say, and Psychic Marie is more connected than most! A caring, compassionate, and very reliable psychic, Marie can immediately tune into your energy and give you an authentic, accurate view into your deepest concerns: your love life, your family, your career—and most important of all, your life path and your spiritual happiness. Do you have questions about relationships, work, or money? Do you wonder about your purpose in life? Psychic Marie has over 30 years’ experience as a humble, devoted psychic, one of the most beloved in Orange County. Marie is available for live readings in Orange County, just down the street from Disneyland. Call today to make an appointment for a kind and empowering vision into your life’s most far-reaching questions.

Tarot Card Reading

Psychic Marie offers the most awesome tarot card readings in Orange County—or anywhere! She is a master at tuning into your energy as she prepares and interprets the tarot cards for your unique, powerful card reading. Do you want a glimpse into your ideal love life? Do you need help understanding your family, your career, your own extraordinary path in life? Tarot card readings are an ancient, well-loved way to see a vision of what your life can be. Psychic Marie’s tarot card reading can help you see patterns in your life you may have never noticed before! Marie has a clear, compassionate card reading style that makes her one of the most beloved tarot card readers in Orange County, just down the street from Disneyland. Call today to make an appointment for your own unique reading.

Palm Reading

Your life is in your hands, and Psychic Marie can help you understand what that really means! You were born with a special destiny—and that shows up in every line in your hands. Psychic Marie interprets not only the basic lines in your hands—your love line, your life line, your success line, and more— but she also offers unique vision into the deeper significance of what they really mean. Her clear, compassionate palm reading can help you understand your past, help you choose wisely in work and in love, and may even help you see how to improve and lengthen your life. Located not far from Disneyland, Marie is one of the most trusted and loved psychics in Orange County, helping people for over 30 years. Call today for an appointment for your own palm reading with Psychic Marie.

About Psychic Marie

Psychic Marie has served Orange County for almost 30 years as a profound palm reader, tarot card reader, and all-around wonderful psychic. Her clients have long praised her for her accurate, compassionate readings, including gifts of clairvoyance far beyond the usual. Marie says that she has had the gift of psychic seeing and healing as long as she can remember, since she was a little girl. Her accuracy in palm readings, tarot cards, and general psychic readings have helped southern Californians for decades, and she is available by appointment for your readings as well. Call for an appointment in her Anaheim office, just down from Disneyland. She has a long history of offering affordable readings and services for all who seek spiritual guidance and understanding.