People often wonder how tarot readings even work. If you have never seen it done, it may seem a little mysterious. The psychic—in this case, Psychic Marie—uses a special deck of cards called the tarot deck. When you get your tarot card reading, take a moment to look at these cards because they are very beautiful. Tarot cards can be traced back at least 500 years, so they are part of a time-honored and respected tradition. In fact, because of their reliability, tarot readings are by far the most popular divining tool today.

Psychic Marie sits with you for a moment to fully feel your energy and then she shuffles the tarot cards.  When she does this, it is a way of transmitting your own individual energy to the deck. And when she shuffles the tarot cards, it is a good idea to hold in your mind the particular questions and concerns you may have, so that the power of synchronicity (well-documented by Karl Jung and other noted analysts) will bring up the tarot cards you need, in the order you need them.

Psychic Marie then lays out the tarot cards in a special formation called the tarot spread. She is a long-experienced and very gifted clairvoyant in viewing this spread and interpreting it with you. As your tarot card reading progresses, you will see that the messages from the cards are not so much about fortune-telling as they are about helping you see and understand the choices you have in your life. Psychic Marie gently and accurately helps you see and interpret these choices for yourself. Tarot card readings can reveal helpful information for just about anything. People especially seek them for help with love, career choices, money, family issues, worries about cheating spouses, health concerns, and even such deep subjects as past lives and future pitfalls or successes.

Call Psychic Marie today for your own tarot card reading. She is located in the heart of Anaheim, not far from Disneyland. You will see that when your tarot card reading is done, you will come away empowered and enlightened about your very best next steps—and beyond.